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Beartrap Peak and Fire Camp 16
Free Invasive Plants Guide
Hiker, dog rescued in Angeles National Forest
Add Another Body to the List 2/8/2017
Video Footage of Mt. Baldy that's not Avalanche/SAR-Related
Boards like this one in the Sacramento area?
Bald Eagle nestlings
Conejo Mtn & Peak 1408'
Trail Canyon: an Un-Trip Report
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Open discussion board for activities in the San Gabriel Mountains.
Latest Articles
Beartrap Peak and Fire Camp 16
One big blindspot in my knowledge of the Gabes has been Mt. Gleason, partly because it was off-limits for years due to the Station Fire, and partly because it's a pain for me to reach now that the paved road is closed to cars. I still haven't summited Gleason, but yesterday I at least made it to the general area and learned a few things.

The primary goal was an unnamed 6000-foot highpoint at the top of Beartrap Canyon, henceforth referred to as Beartrap Peak. Secondary objectives included nea ...
Free Invasive Plants Guide
Nature at Hand has a FREE weed identification guide for invasive plants of the San Gabriel Mountains that can be downloaded.

Hiker, dog rescued in Angeles National Forest
Hiker, dog rescued in Angeles National Forest after ending up 800 feet down cliff

While crews were hiking to rescue the dog, a civilian volunteer was hit by a large rock that had fallen about 40 feet. The rock hit the person on the head, right shoulder, arm and hand. The rock also knocked off his headlamp and caused his right hand to go numb.

The volunteer hiked out of the area on his own and then went to a hospita ...
Boards like this one in the Sacramento area?

I may be moving to Sacramento for a job and was curious if anyone knew of any message boards like this one in the Sacramento area. Looking at Google Earth there appears to be a lot of hiking opportunities relatively close by.

Conejo Mtn & Peak 1408'
Yesterday I hiked in the Thousand Oaks area to conquer Conejo Mtn via the untamed Western Ridge. I met a group at Peppertree Park off the Old Conejo Rd. We walked through a residential area that led us to a sort of secret entrance to the trail

As soon as we set foot on this trail it was muddy and slick but with beautiful green gra ...
Add Another Body to the List 2/8/2017
HikeUp wrote:
Modern Hiker is a menace.

The idea really is...the bigger the picture, the more apparent it is.
Here we have an anecdotal statement of the outdoors industry pressuring KIDS into difficult routes....but it just goes to show you how arrogant its getting. I dont know the status of CityKids, since a guide died guiding 4 other citykids alone on the same Grand Teton route.

The adults ...
Video Footage of Mt. Baldy that's not Avalanche/SAR-Related
"Turkey Shoot Ridge" skiing clip on Baldy from Feb. 10, 2017.  Toward the end of the short clip there's a promo for This Is Baldy: The Movie, coming out in the Fall of 2017.  Does anyone know anything more about the movie?

Intriguing documentary chronicling the five years that the late great Leonard Cohen spent living in ...
Mt Wilson Loop Bike Ride
Been doing a lot of riding so I figured I should put a TR up once in a great while.

I've got a lot of spare time while waiting for something lately, so I've been trying to come up with small tours/multi day rides to do. Problem is, the weather isn't cooperating (how dare you) enough for me to get a solid week without a LOT of rain at some point, which is pretty important for my routes I've planned. I'd like to ride down to the MX border, go east through the desert, visit Anza, ride through JT ...
Ephemeral Waterfalls of San Gabriel Canyon
While driving to Crystal Lake I took notice of a few ephemeral waterfalls that have come forth after all these storms of late. I have no idea whether someone has named them already. And they reside in minor gullies. So I'll refer to them by nearby landmarks. Feel free to contribute any others that you've noticed lately. I'd love to see pictures of them.

[Edit: Taco's names in parentheses]

First Bridge Falls (Cactus Slot)

[url=http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/ ...
I had attempted this peak last year from Mission Pk and tried to discretely scramble my way cross country but was quickly stopped by the local authorities. Every road had a truck standing by to stop hikers passing by the Gas company's work site due to the gas leak, not to mention camera's that were placed in various places. Anywyays, this past Sunday I went with a group and attempted to bag this peak that was maybe still off limits.

We drove up towards Browns Canyon Rd and parked our cars wh ...
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