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Bridge to Nowhere land rights to Bungee America
Volunteer & Stay at Sturtevant Camp for Free!
New banner picture for Spring 2017
Etiwanda ridge
Saucer Branch traverse
sespe river / red reef / lion canyon trails
RE: The Crowd Funding link below the banner
Introduce yourself!
Carrizo Plain and Caliente Peak
Bobcat Knob and Peak 6629
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Open discussion board for activities in the San Gabriel Mountains.
Latest Articles
Volunteer & Stay at Sturtevant Camp for Free!
Sturtevant Camp in Big Santa Anita Canyon (Sierra Madre-Arcadia) needs camp hosts and weekend docents. Hosts get to stay in the manager's cabin and docents can stay in the room under the dining hall.

Find out more at...

Bridge to Nowhere land rights to Bungee America

A 7 page article settling a forest service notion that Bungee America didnt have land rights to the bridge. The original survey from 1884 that the FS was relying on was found to be bogus..."Overlays of Pearsonís topographic calls were developed and gross distortions were uncovered throughout the township.". The surveyors then agreed with the original mining claim , which is the status quo....but not ...
Etiwanda ridge
I just attempted it for the second time this past Saturday, and I couldn't find a way around that thick thorn bush section...someone did put in a lot of work clearing up to that point, I give them kudos. That last part they are working on though is super thick stuff...it's going to take a long time to clear that section, not to mention determination.
sespe river / red reef / lion canyon trails
although written as a survey for the usfs, this hopes to show that the southern los padres has great multi-day loops when (a) it is not too hot and (2) when there's lots of water.  and right now is a great time to come and enjoy before we hit our high temps.  

must carry water from ladybug camp to junction of lion canyon / east/west fork lion camps junction.  water there.  

oh, and plans germinating to remove the obstructions.

Saucer Branch traverse
Last week Sean and I checked out the Saucer Branch falls just off Millard Canyon. The falls are pretty and going strong:

We climbed up the left side of the falls. You can get to a really nice overlook area, but getting up and over requires crossing a section that I wasn't com ...
Introduce yourself!
robow8 wrote:
My name is Rob, and I'm an old fart (59). Started backpacking in Scouts in the 70s, as a Scout leader took boys out in the 80s. Hoegees, Oakwilde, Gabrielino trail; we went all over the place. Life got in the way until a few years ago when me and my wife started backpacking again. We love getting out, and spend a week every year up in the Sierra.

Hi, Rob. Do you have any pics of Oakwilde from the '70s or '80s?
RE: The Crowd Funding link below the banner
FYI - It's not a scam. MYFF is having money trouble. If they don't raise enough cash they will shut down.

This is merely to let you know about the link on the site, since it could be misconstrued as a scam. I'm NOT suggesting that you donate to MYFF's cause.
Charging for rescues
This article about Mt Baldy rescues recently appeared.


I learned something new in this paragraph. Out of county residents have their home counties billed for rescue costs - not the victims, but their county governments.

The estimated average cost for a search and rescue is less than $10,000. San Bernardino County residents needing assistance arenít charged. Other counties are c ...
New banner picture for Spring 2017
It's time for a new banner picture.

FYI - The banner picture is seen at the top of the forum's pages. The current one looks like this:

We need a springtime image that looks nice when cropped like the one above. Please post your submission (one per member please) on this thread. We'll wait a week for entries and then start voting on the ...
Bobcat Knob and Peak 6629
Now that the Williamson Rock area has been reopened, I decided to hit up Bobcat Knob via the SW ridge.

Buckhorn campground was still closed for the season. So I parked outside the exit gate and walked down to the Burkhart Trail. The stream through the campground was flowing swiftly.

[url=http://gallery.myff.org/gallery/2055608/DS ...
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