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Open discussion board for activities in the San Gabriel Mountains.
Trekking with family!
Hi all,
I have been making plans for a trip to Naikoon provincial park in the coming weeks.My eldest daughter enjoys hiking but the rest of the family does not like it. Since me and my daughter loves hiking, we are anyhow planning to go there. But would like to know if there are any other locations around so that I can take my whole family out there.

And for trekking, it is a necessity to have safety shoes. I have been searching online for safety shoes. Got lots of collections. But Iím bit concerned about the size, whether the size would fit or not.

Would like to know if there are any other places near Naikoon provincial park. Please help me with this.Share your hiking or trekking experiences.
Trekking with family!
I give you a B- for effort. Since your link actually goes to a site with hiking shoes, I'll leave it up and move the post to the gear forum. It's unnecessary to dress your topical link up in a request for information that nobody here should be expected to know. If you want to plug anymore gear sites, do it in the Gear section. Thanks!
It's only 2100 miles from the San Gabes to Naikoon Park.  I'm sure that we are all quite familiar with the area.
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