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Open discussion board for activities in the San Gabriel Mountains.
Old Mt. Wilson Trail
This is a message I got from the City of Sierra Madre

Plan accordingly....


"The Skyland Slope Restoration Project will be starting today, December 2, 2008 on the Mt. Wilson Trail.  The restoration project will be headed by the California Conservation Corps with the help of the Sierra Madre Search and Rescue.  Due to the nature of the project, the Mt. Wilson Trail will be closed weekdays for the next two months.  The Mt. Wilson Trail will be accessible on the weekends and holidays.  Thank you for your understanding."
Old Mt. Wilson Trail
Interesting.  I hadn't heard about the project before.  I found this on the web:
The City of Sierra Madre has developed and coordinated a project to address the potential debris flows that may affect a number of residents on Skyland Dr. and other areas within the upper canyon. The Santa Anita Fire in April revealed the condition of numerous bulkheads that were placed on the hillside after a 1978 fire. These bulkheads, which consist of surplus military shelving and poles drilled into the mountain, proved to be in very poor shape after thirty years of retaining debris. Virtually all of these structures revealed that they had reached their capacity for holding sediment and many were in disrepair. In order to reduce the potential for damage from falling bulkheads and debris the accumulated debris behind the bulkheads is to be removed, then the bulkheads themselves will be taken off the slope.  City staff was able to find funding for the project and an organization that was willing to take on the difficult tasks of this hillside maintenance work. The California Conservation Corps has agreed to handle the job with the use of two 12-person teams. Due to the inherent danger of the steep hillside and lack of footing, the Sierra Madre Search & Rescue team has graciously volunteered to provide assistance. The Search & Rescue team has made recommendations for ropes, harnesses, and equipment for each of the Conservation workers in order for them to safely conduct their work. The Search & Rescue team is also providing hands-on training to each of the workers on how to properly and safely use the equipment, and has provided valuable first-hand knowledge of our local hillside conditions to the Conservation Corps as the methodology is being finalized.  This project will begin when the safety of the Conservation Corps workers can be assured and the final logistic details of removing so much debris from the very steep hillside has been completed. The project is expected to take a couple of months, and may require the closure of the Mt. Wilson Trail for certain periods of time. Residents may soon look towards our hillsides with fascination as these dedicated men and women work to complete this project. These 24 workers will literally be hanging off the side of the Skyland slope removing debris that may otherwise travel down the slope to our neighborhoods. If you have any questions regarding this project, please feel free to call the City of Sierra Madre Public Works Department at 626-355-7135.
 I actually think it's good that they're going to remove the bulkheads.  I've always thought they were ugly, and in heavy rain, the bulkheads themselves might cause a lot of damage.
Old Mt. Wilson Trail
Hikin_Jim wrote:
I actually think it's good that they're going to remove the bulkheads.  I've always thought they were ugly, and in heavy rain, the bulkheads themselves might cause a lot of damage.

Ugly indeed...
Mt. Wilson Trail Closure Update
From the City of Sierra Madre

"The Mt. Wilson Trail will be open on weekdays due to a change in the work schedule of the California Conservation Corps. The Mt. Wilson Trail will be subject to intermittent closures Monday through Thursday for the next two months.
Please use alternate trials out of Chantry Flats or Bailey Canyon during closures.  "
Old Mt. Wilson Trail
to summarize: the trail will be open...except when it's closed  Confused
Old Mt. Wilson Trail
JMunaretto wrote:
to summarize: the trail will be open...except when it's closed  Confused
On the third Sunday following the closest equinox to the last lunar eclipse.
Mount Wilson Trail Closed
FYI - The City of Sierra Madre has closed the Mt. Wilson Trail due to a large rockslide just below the switchbacks.

The volunteers who maintain the trail are putting together a plan to clear the slide and get the trail reopened, but for safety reasons the public is asked to honor the closure.  Charlie Bell will be coordinating the clean-up efforts and I'm sure would accept help if offered.

The City has indicated that they will cite anyone caught violating the closure.
Old Mt. Wilson Trail
Thanks for posting this!

Do you or does anyone have contact info for Charlie Bell?
Old Mt. Wilson Trail
Wow, thanks for the information. I was even considering hiking it in 9 hours. I would also like to help clear the trail if possible.
Old Mt. Wilson Trail
I'm not sure how Charlie wants people to contact him - you may want to check with the City of SM and see if they have a preferred contact method for him.

If you can't find contact info let me me know and I'll get you something...

FYI - Some work has already been done as of today (Sunday).  A few more days of work and the trail should be in pretty good shape at the slide.
Old Mt. Wilson Trail
Try Sierra Madre Search & Rescue for contacts. They can take your info for the regulars on the Mt. Wilson Trail crew...

Old Mt. Wilson Trail
HikeUp wrote:
Thanks for posting this!

Do you or does anyone have contact info for Charlie Bell?

He's still hiding from Kobe Bryant.

....whoops, wrong Charlie Bell!
Old Mt. Wilson Trail
A crew is going up to work on the trail tomorrow (Wed).

Bring work gloves, lunch/water, etc.  

Meeting at the trailhead at 8:30.
Old Mt. Wilson Trail
Thanks for the info.
Old Mt. Wilson Trail
The trail is open.  Big thanks to everyone that pitched in to help clear the trail.

From the city....

The Mount Wilson Trail is now open to the public as of Wednesday, December 23, 2009.  Please note the trail is subject to closure due to weather conditions or unforeseen natural occurrences.  Please contact the Sierra Madre Police Department at 626-355-1414 for up to date trail status.
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