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Zion loop, Spruce Grove, Sturtevant Camp, Hoegee's

Hiked the Zion loop today.   Easy parking at Chantry today!   Trail very buggy in sections, but otherwise quite pleasant.  Graffiti increasing, like everywhere else, it seems.  Sad

At Spruce Grove, the water is very low, but enough to filter into a bottle.  Bug level was not too bad.

At Sturtevant Camp, we encountered the pack train unloading.  We were reminded that cabins are available for reservation.  Their water tanks are currently full.

At Hoegee's, water low but not as low as Spruce Grove.  Bug level medium.  Trash level medium.

I used to hike out of Chantry a lot, often in the mornings before work. But I haven't really been there in a year and that's sad to hear about the graffiti... Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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