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Zion loop, Spruce Grove & Hoegee's water report

Chantry's long been on my list of locations best suited for non-weekend visits.  Got up there and did the Zion loop, counterclockwise, 9/23.  

DSC00486 by moore91024, on Flickr
There's a new sign since I've last been there.  Makes last year's overnight at Devore 1/4 mile more awesome than my prior estimate.

DSC00490 by moore91024, on Flickr
Poster at Sturtevant Camp.  Kinda sorry I missed this.  Love the illustration!  

Water reports
Spruce Grove: as low as I've ever seen it.  At least one spot in the campground I'd be willing to pump out of.  More is visible and/or audible shortly below and above the campground.
Hoegees: I only saw one small unmoving pool.  

For dayhikers, the fountain at Sturtevant was on.

Abundant graffiti indicates adequate "access" to the area.  
Evil or Very Mad  Evil or Very Mad  Evil or Very Mad

Thanks. I've been thinking of heading up that way soon. Are the trails still in good shape?

Huh, I thought this was going in Trip Reports.  Anyone who is able to move it is welcome to do so...

Sean wrote:
Thanks. I've been thinking of heading up that way soon. Are the trails still in good shape?

Yes!  Very slightly overgrown, with some poison oak causing a "please keep your hands and arms inside the ride" condition in one spot I recall, but nothing too difficult.

This is one of my favorite loops out of Chantry Flats. I usually get up early and do this loop on a Saturday or Sunday morning as soon as the gate opens, taking the upper trail at the split and then taking Upper Winter Creek back after coming down Zion.

Yes, there is a certain joy in arriving at the end off the Upper Winter Creek at the top of Chantry, rather than slogging up the road!  Very Happy Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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