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Rudy Rodriguez

your choice of knife for your trip...what and why?

Hello, this is my first post other my introductory post. I am a collector of knives and frequent a forum where we discuss them at length.

I am very curious about the people here on this forum about what kind of
blade(s) you might carry on a day hike or a long trip. And what is your rationale for your choice.

Since, I really like knives I tend to carry more than the average person might. On a day hike I would likely carry a large folder, like the Cold Steel Rajah II and a smaller one like a CRKT M-16. Also, I might bring a machete for a little spontaneous trail work. On a longer trip I'm likely to have a heavy duty Cold Steel kukri and a smaller fixed blade...maybe a small razor sharp pocket knife for minor surgical needs.
Mike P

Can you attach some pics of these knives? Thanks!
Rudy Rodriguez

Sorry, my phone won't do pictures. [/img]

I carry a Gerber Mini Paraframe and also a standard utility knife blade in my first aid kit. The gerber is lite, small and cheap.
Mike P

This topic is so timely. I'm looking for a new knife, mostly for backpacking. That Gerber looks nice and versatile. Thanks, hvydrt!

I'm open to other lightweight suggestions, too.
Mike P

Does anyone have experience with the  Benchmade 556 Mini-Griptilian or the Benchmade 551 Griptilian?

Sorry Taco, should this thread go in the Gear section?

I've moved it to the gear section.

I don't really have a knife I bring. I too own tons of knives.

I will bring anything from a tiny Kiridashi to a machete depending on the trip. You can't spread Liverwurst on a cracker with a machete, and you're not likely to make it down a thick first descent San Gabe canyon with a little pocket knife. The right tool for the job...

I guess a good answer would be my last trip. It was a first descent. I think I had two knives. I have an Ontario machete (got it when I was a kid, bushwhacking since I was very young) and a Gerber Prodigy (very good knife for the price). I use the machete to make progress in the canyon, and the Gerber for everything else.

I often bring a Spyderco Delica (AUS-6) to cut webbing, food, etc. I tend to bring that most.

I'm currently designing a San Gabriel Mountains specific machete.

Anywho... cheers!
Rudy Rodriguez

Taco wrote:

I'm currently designing a San Gabriel Mountains specific machete.

Anywho... cheers!

Awesome...something to handle poison ivy, tough manzanita wood, etc..?

The Poison Oak is easy, it's the dang dead stuff that's a pain! This machete will have more weight in the front to basically smash through dry wood. The Ontario machete I have now is a regular guy machete, so there's no weight up front. Great for plants with lotsa moisture in them, but terrible for dead stuff that unceremoniously clangs against it.

Carried this for alpine climbin, Spyderco Tasman Salt in H1.  Fell off my person in hip-deep snow.  Loved it, but the point dulled too fast due to the shape - all cutting tends to focus there

Replaced it with this, 79mm Rescue in VG10.  Light, cuts rope/webbing like a champ.

Rudy Rodriguez

A good weight forward machete is Cold Steel magnum kukri machete. It has a broad tipped design and comes in 18 or 12" designs. Condor Knife and Tool also makes machetes with beefier blades than normal; and they're not too expensive, either.

Rudy, it appears that I've edited your post instead of quoting it! Whoops. My response is visible in the lower half of your post. Smile I'm an ijjit.

Burchey, the Talisman is similar to the Harpy, which I had. I loved that knife. It broke and could not be repaired. Very good knife. I'd argue that the Talisman may be THE best knife for canyoneering, climbing, everyday stuff, etc. Not the best at any one of them, but at all of them (before anyone jumps on me).

The Harpy has a VG10 blade. VERY GOOD STEEL. My favorite. The Talisman in H1 is probably even better, since it's corrosion resistant, coupled with the grippy synthetic frame.

Adios amigos

I carry a Spyderco yellow Tasman.  The N1 steel is impervious to rust even in salt water.  N1 is a little soft, but work hardens as it is sharpened and used.  It's also quite easy to sharpen.

I used to think Spyderco knives looked odd, but then I handled one.  They have great ergos and a fantastic selection of blade steels.  Spyderco is great company that listens to their customers an is always improving their products.

I am on my second Columbia River M16-14T. I never hike without it. Though not a big fan of Tanto blade shape, this one works for me. It's got very smooth (nylon or teflon bushing) single-hand operation, very positive lock, and great voice. I committed the cardinal sin of trying to turn a stuck screw with the first one, and couldn't face the shortened blade after carefully grinding and sharpening the broken tip. The only (mild) shortcoming that I've found is the tendency of the short hex socket head screws that hold the titanium handles together to loosen and get lost; easily fixed with a little loctite.

I carry a mora fixed blade, (clipper) on the belt, and a folder, usually swiss army.
The mora handles any task food prep, shelter, fire prep, camp chores, cutting rope, etc. Not expensive, easy to sharpen, carbon steel stays sharp.

I always have a medium folder on me, a Kershaw Random Leek in S30V.  Awesome knife, holds an edge forever and I've even used it to split small logs and kindling.

For longer trips I'll also bring a big fixed blade, a Chris Reeve Neil Roberts, also in S30V.

Mike P wrote:
Does anyone have experience with the  Benchmade 556 Mini-Griptilian or the Benchmade 551 Griptilian?

Mike, I have a Mini-Griptilian with a 2.9" combi blade. I bought it back in 2005 for only $55. I'm not surprised the price has gone up so much, thanks to those soul-less bastards at the Federal Reserve and their inflationary monetary policy.

Anyhow, I'm not knowledgeable on knives, but I got this Benchmade because of the brand and the knife was a good size for what I needed it for, which is mainly to peel oranges and for backup survival duties. I carry it on the outside of my pack so it's gotten wet several times but so far no signs of rust.

Overall, it seems like a nice, high quality knife, but there are other good choices as well.

The only other knife I carry is a Leatherman Squirt multitool.

Hiking knife

I carry an old Buck knife with two blades. One blade is smooth edge and the other is fully serrated.  The blades can be opened, locked, and closed with one hand. Unfortunately, Buck no long makes this knife.  I got a nice sharpener from AG Russell that is a wooden block with two ceramic rods. It will put a razor edge on the smooth blade.
Mike P

Thank you to all who opined! I bought a new Spyderco Rescue 79 mm. Love it...

It replaces another similar rescue knife that I lost while hiking.

Mike P wrote:
I bought a new Spyderco Rescue 79 mm. Love it...

It replaces another similar rescue knife that I lost while hiking.

FEEEEEEEEL my peer pressure all up on you!  Yeah!

You will now buy Grivel Matrix Lights, wrap them in mastic tape and add a horn/slider for alpine pursuits....
Mike P

Yes, Burchey, your suggestion sealed the deal!

The orange color is great - I won't lose it! Forum Index -> Gear & Fitness
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