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Yet Another North Backbone Report

As reported elsewhere, the Guffy gate is open so we drove to the trailhead below Wright.  On Friday, Sean and I rode the north backbone to Baldy. I also trotted over to West Baldy while Sean entertained the weary people on the  summit. Thanks to Sean's keen eyes, we spotted two groups of bighorns. The first couple were on an adjacent ridge going up Pine Mountain, and the second larger herd was near the summit of Dawson. I'll try not to post too many low rez repeats of Elwood's. The weather was perfect. The views along the way made this my favorite route to Baldy.


First view of Pine Mountain #1

Sean on Pine ridge

First two bighorns

The rest of the backbone from the Pine summit

Second herd of bighorns near Dawson

Sean coming up Baldy's north side

Knocking on the back door

The only official "north backbone trail" sign, a few hundred feet below the summit

Plaque shot

Iron and Rattlesnake from Dawson ridge

Descending Pine ridge

AaaaaaND ... we ran into Joe the Hiker! That's his group in the circle, going up the north side of Baldy. Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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