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WTB: Soto Windmaster OD-1RXC

Looking around to see if anyone has a Soto Windmaster OD-1RXC they'd like to get rid of before I shell out and purchase one retail..

Disregard - found  one elsewhere, going to give it a shakedown run this weekend Smile

The Windmaster is a really nice stove, and it really is a significant improvement over the older Micro-Regulator in terms of performance in wind.  

Here's a side by side test:


I've used the stove on a few trips now, and have really been impressed with it's performance. Previously I was using an MSR Superfly. Good stove, but really susceptible to wind, and on the bigger side of things. The Windmaster is a pretty small stove and very light at 2.3 ounces. It's got a larger burner head than most of the microlight backpacking canister stoves, plus the head is concave and has a small rim around the top which is what gives the stove it's resistance. Forum Index -> Gear & Fitness
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