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Uncle Rico

WM SummerLite v. FF Osprey UL 30

So, Iím looking to make an investment in a new 3 season sleeping bag and am considering the Western Mountaineering SummerLite and the Feathered Friends Osprey UL 30. I think Iím favoring the Osprey UL 30 at this stage because I kind of thrash around in my sleep and the Osprey is a bit roomier at the shoulders and the hips. I recognize a little more room means more space to warm up, but I sleep hot so donít see this as a problem.

Anyone have any experience with or an opinion about either of these bags? Looks like the Osprey has a bit more fill (13.6 oz. of 900+ goose down) than the SummerLite (9 oz. of 850+ goose down), and the SummerLite is nominally lighter, but otherwise the bags appear fairly comparable.

What about other factors like packability/compressability, durability, customer service, etc.?

I know HJ has a SummerLite. Do you ever feel claustrophobic or unduly restricted in your SummerLite HJ?

Thanks everyone.


Tio Rico,
Gotta wonder if youre comparing apples to apricots or something here because 4.6oz of down is a big difference, over 50% more down than the Summerlite. Does that sound right? (I never received better than a D in mathematics)

Anywho, cant speak to the models, but I do have a FF bag and have no problems with it, FWIW. I too would side with the roomier bag for similar reasons, especially if overall weight difference is negligible.
Uncle Rico

Gotta wonder if youre comparing apples to apricots

Huh. I dunno long one, they're both 3 season, 30 degree rated bags (I know temp rating doesn't necessarily mean jack) so I thought they were comparable despite the difference in fill weight. If I'm totally off base here, someone let me know.  Confused

What FF bag do you have?

i settled on western mountaineering as the supplier.

i tried on a summerlite and a megalite.

i chose the megalite - roomier and more comfortable for me.

was able to get it at a 20% discount.

have not regretted the decision.


Howdy, Rico!

In the summer of 1988, I scraped together enough money to by a Western Mountaineering down summer bag at half price at the local mountain shop's going-out-of-business sale. It saw extremely heavy use through nearly 20 years, not so much use in the last few, but about a month ago I had a chance to go up to the San Gorgonio wilderness, and the bag works about as good as it ever did. Doesn't have as much loft as it used to, but pretty danged durable.

Re: WM SummerLite v. FF Osprey UL 30

Uncle Rico wrote:
I know HJ has a SummerLite. Do you ever feel claustrophobic or unduly restricted in your SummerLite HJ?
 I'm a side sleeper, so the Summerlite works for me, and I'm 6'0", 215# (heck, maybe 220# with as much as I've been eating lately).  It's a bit tight if I sleep on my back.

The materials and workmanship are excellent, but then again FF has an excellent reputation.   I don't think you can go wrong with either one.

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