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Winter weekend backpacking trip recommendation

Hey all, my friends and I are looking to do a somewhat easy weekend backpacking trip in the next few weeks. Were from San Diego and aren't looking to drive more than 4 hours. Any suggestions?

We don't have crampons so summits are out. We would like to not have to pack water and are looking for less than 20 miles round trip and less thank 4k elevation gain.

Let me know what you have! Thanks!!

How about the San Mateo Wilderness up near Lake Elsinore/Wildomar off of I-15?  Here's a link to a trip report on the website.  If the link doesn't come up go to that website, go to the 'Outdoors . . ' subforum, and go back a few pages until you find a thread with 'San Mateo Wilderness' in its title (about thre-four pages back).

I haven't been back there in a few years, but I remember it as being quite a nice winter hiking area; great ocean views, cool, and lost of big shady oak trees.  Only limitation might be water availability due to the 4-year drought; check with the Trabuco Ranger District/Cleveland Natl Forest. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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