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Winston Ridge

Hey guys,

Any one of you pirates ever go around Winston Ridge, or perhaps below it to the north? Got some photos by any chance do ya?


View of Winston Ridge's north side from western flank of Goodykoontz (Pt. 6709)....

And from higher further east of that previous point...

and again from around 6709...

Ten thousand thanks and an awkward dude-hug! Perfect! Cool


Goin to check out the little cliffs on the backside of Winston Peak? Tony Yeary was talking them up. Or ...

Not a chance!

And he's not coming with me, no sir!

Curious to hear what you find. I hiked Winston Ridge 2 years ago and eyeballed those N facing crags from afar. Hard to say exactly what was goin' on but looked like one distinct dihedral and arete, plus more 4 sure....

Yeah kinda odd looking overall. Gonna bring a light rack and a big sack and see where it takes us! Forum Index -> General Discussion
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