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Windy Mountain, errr.... Bloody Windy Mtn. I mean White Mtn

Eric (the cooch, I mean DeNooch) and I decided for some odd reason to hit White Mtn Sunday for a quick summit.  We decided I'd pick him up at 1am Sunday morning.  I don't know what possesed Eric to keep to our plan.  He watched the MMA fights Saturday night at a bar, and after countless drinks, dashed home half hour before I was to pick him up.  He was loaded to say the least.

Anyway, there was excessive snow on the road still and we were forced to park my truck nearly 5 miles from the trailhead. Making this a 24.4 mile round trip hike.

It was 6am, pretty cold and very windy.  We started our hike wearing pants, thermals, hard shell jackets, baklavas, gloves, caps, etc and never once was able to warm up.  Winds stayed constant 25-35mph through out the hike with some gusts reaching close to 50.  By the time we reached the summit, winds were approx 35-45 mph with gust close to 70.

The hike itself was pretty routine.  Not much scenery, just a long haul over a frozen wasteland and plenty of rock hard ice and snow.  We did see three juvinile mountain goats at one point which was nice.  And of course, it was fun, climbing straight up to the summit on hands and knees to keep from getting blown off the mountain.

Our water bladders froze shortly after summit leaving us to an 11 mile hike out with no liquids.  Not fun.  We made it back to the truck exactly 11 hrs 45 minutes after starting.  Hungry, thirsty, cold and tired.  Who could ask for anything more?


OK - Lets get this thing going

Eric having reservations about the wind and cold

Looking back towards the Sierra's

Obligatory sign picture

Eric at the facility (for the insane)

Team "Terror"
About 4 miles from the summit (in center back)

White Mountain (not a pretty mountain - thats for sure)

Now this looks like a fun winter ridge

Eric and I about 300 feet below summit

Looking down where we just came from

Summit is not far now

Getting closer

On the summit looking out over another nice ridge

Another summit view

Eric at Summit bldg and register

Summit Register was a mess

Summit shot

That was a great hike.
The ice was horrible though. As for being one of the easiest 14ers to get to. IT wasnt all in the least.
All in all a good suicide trip.

That research center at the summit belongs to USC. I think thats where they are running the super human hiking experiments on Ze


White Mountain

I knew there was a reason I like to hike with you, "You're insane". Very Happy

I bet the water bladder's are not the only thing that froze.  Shocked

TR is excellent, pictures are outstanding, better you guys than me on a cold windy day like that .  Very Happy

Thanks for sharing.

No storm, but plenty of wind.

That's the kind of climb/hike you look back on fondly, but hate while you're out there suffering.
norma r

wind is miserable adversary at times.  your TR David, made me feel the cold and the sheer determination it took to make that summit.  congrats to you and Eric!
Sam Page

Sounds like a full day.  Eric must have felt awful in his hungover state.  But I don't think you give him enough credit.  Getting drunk and not sleeping beforehand was probably part of his careful training regime for something much bigger.  Wink
Dave G

Good trip, guys! It can certainly get quite nipply on White Mtn Cool and parking 5 mi back from the TH only added to your fun!
Someday I'm gonna do the Whites traverse in winter and learn yet more about suffering Twisted Evil.

this is bad ass. my junk would have frozen off.
did you celebrate at the car? or was the brew frozen too?

Forgot the celebratory stuff back in eagle rock.....along with my oakleys and.........CAMERA!!!!!

I was gonna say way to cure a hangover, but I'm guessing Eric wasn't hungover until about half way up, eh?
norma r

edenooch wrote:
Forgot the celebratory stuff back in eagle rock.....along with my oakleys and.........CAMERA!!!!!

man, it just keeps getting worse!  are you sure it was a great hike?   Wink

positive. i was able to sleep 3 hours on the way to lone pine


That's one way to compensate for "Altitude Sickness" - drink enough liquid beverages to not feel the pain  Cool  Very Happy

White Mountain

Great pictures considering the weather; brrrr.   No matter what the temps were, Eric couldn't have froze...alcohol takes a mighty low temp to even start freezing.   Good thinking Eric!

Re: White Mountain

PapaFuego wrote:
  Good thinking Eric!

Nothing does preparation for a 14er like 4-5 pints of guiness stout Forum Index -> California
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