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Williamson Rock -- Proposed Re-Opening

Just saw this on Facebook.  There's apparently some letter that's been sent out by the USFS with a proposal to re-open Williamson Rock to climbing.

All I have is this right now:


I'll believe when I see it!


The proposal would open a part of Williamson Rock for Aug 16th to Dec 31st of each year.

Interesting.  What is not clear is whether or not the PCT will be subject to seasonal closure.  PCT "kick off" is in late April, which would put most of the through hikers in the Williamson Rock Area in May, possibly June.  A closure that is in effect through August means that for practical purposes, the PCT would not be open to through hikers.


This was updated...subject to change. 30 days public comment.

*PCT open year round

*Williamson Rock to be open August 1 - November 15th of each year starting maybe 2016.
*Permit system for Williamson Rock
*one Forest Service site manager with citation authorization would be
onsite each day that the Visitor Use Permit Area is open.
*removable bridge...will be in opeartion during season
*Install natural barriers at access points to user-created trails within the project area, to prevent use and encourage natural regeneration

*Rest of Little Rock Creek that is now closed to be closed permanently

[quote="AW:49561"]This was updated...subject to change. 30 days public comment.

Caught this earlier too. I'm a little torn. Totally in favor of them opening up the PCT. That detour is a huge drag for thru-hikers. But as one who takes his chances and ventures in to that area I'm not going to deny that the solitude would be missed. (I didn't really mean that ANF online spy). Smile

I guess I don't understand the seasonal opening except for the PCT. But I think a permit system for climbers makes sense as does making it mandatory to pack out waste.

A permit system for a sport climbing crag seems like a square peg in a round hole here boyos. So was it trash, or frogs? If trash, maybe have a trash can and have someone empty it? Or two? Do you guys (USFS) have enough peeps and $$$$ to pull that kinda special operation off? Forum Index -> News & Conditions
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