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Who finished this shortcut? Sean?

If you go straight up Lake Ave. in Altadena, jumped out of your car, and kept going straight up, you would be going up a ridge that used to be an old fire break. After the last fire, it seemed to get more use. Now I notice two things. One is trail cutouts, and maybe railroad tie or? The other is the best. The connection between the ridge and Mt. Lowe road. That is the best connecter in the universe! You can get the real workout of the 30% grade, and not have to screw up the knees going back down that way.

We (The Rubio Crew) worked on that last spring. It roughly follows the old Camp Sierra Trail grade around the head of Chiquita Canyon between the ridge and the Lowe Rd.

Cool. That is the whole extent of it, right? From the ridge to Mt. Lowe Road.

That's the only part we restored so far. It's primarily Paul's project, and I don't know if he wants to restore anymore of it. The Camp Sierra Trail was much more extensive originally. Most of it was abandoned a long time ago.

OK , thanks for the info.

I've seen this thing from Sam Merrill a million times. It's true, several years ago you'd barely ever see anyone on it. But the last year or two there's always people on it. I've always wondered where it goes. So it meets up with Mount Lowe Road?

Below is a picture showing the head of Chiquita Canyon. We restored a section of the Camp Sierra found between the red lines, which hikers were bypassing because it was in bad shape. People continued up the Ridgeline Trail to the base of the cliff, then dropped down the left side of the ridge, using a rope to get to Camp Sierra further up. But now you don't have to do that. You can access Camp Sierra earlier and take a nice grade over to the Lowe Road.



Interesting.  I'm in that area every week.....will try to determine exactly where that is, and take a look.  Nice!


fortified wrote:
One is trail cutouts, and maybe railroad tie?

I'm not sure who put in the wooden steps at the beginning. Perhaps the same scouts who restored the Cobb Estate gate area.

Good info. This looks like a great winter hike since it's way too exposed and strenuous for a hot day, but a million miles below the snow line. Definitely going to try it this winter some time!

Well, I have done the ridge to Mt. Lowe Rd. to... That other connecting thing, I can't remember to...Echo- down to Lake several times. For some reason those 30% grade ridge hikes are actually good for my knees. Yesterday, I noticed another red arrow on lowe rd point directly down to the ridge. From the road, it looks like someone has made a path that reminds me of a bobsled path. I really want to do that connection. My "fear factor" is probably right about at it's limit  if I take that one. Am I the only one here that gets queasy on cliffs, or the only one that admits it??????? Is this finished? I might try it tomorrow. Perhaps it is time to hang up my tennis shoes with no more tread on the bottom first.... Forum Index -> General Discussion
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