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Whitney Lottery

Results in! Our group (6) were drawn for Aug 27/28!
Let the training begin! This will be a "dads dream" My son, daughter and son in law will be with me! I couldn't be happier!
Very Happy

Lucky man, I got May 6-8
Uncle Rico

HST 07/27-08/01

Woohoo!  Very Happy

Smile Congrats to both! Anyone else here put in for Whitney? Success? No? Post your dates!

September 16th-17th  Cool

Whitney? Never heard of it. Must be one of those peaks on the Lower Peaks list.

I like the earlier dates so there's still snow in the chute from Trail Crest down to Trail Camp. It makes the return take about 15 minutes instead of an hour.  Very Happy
Mike P

We always just show up for a lottery pick in Sept. Have never been shut out yet.

I got a reject note.  Sad

If I do Whitney this year it will be via Crabtree. Looking now like almost all the reservable exit permits are gone too, meaning I might have to exit via Horseshoe or New Army. No permit required if you don't cross Trail Crest.

Whitney reject

JeffH wrote:
I got a reject note.  Sad

JeffH - Comments on the Mt. Whitney boards suggest that getting an unclaimed dayhike permit the day before or an unclaimed overnight permit the day of are not that hard. Since it is not guaranteed, a backup plan is needed.  But, it might be worth a gamble. Also, check the website frequently. Some people do turn in permits that they can't use and these open up some slots.

Richard, I thought of that option too. Since I'm currently unemployed a weekday permit is frequently easy to get as a walkup. And if not there are lots of other cool places to visit in the area.

If anyone wants to join my group and has thgeir own winter mtneering gear, please message me, I have 3 spots left.  my pass is May 6-8. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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