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White Mountain

It started, as all the best things do, with a motorcycle ride. We rode up White Mountain Road, which is ten miles of deliciously twisty pavement before turning to dirt. The dirt continued, but it was too late for us to really explore, so we turned around.

I wondered, where does the road go? With the help of Google and Wikipedia, I found out. 16 miles of dirt before ending at a locked gate, about seven miles away from the summit of White Mountain.

Even better, two days a year the gate is opened, letting people drive two miles further, making the hike 11 miles round trip, vs. 15.

Sounds fun! I think I'll hike it.


A year ago, I wasn't in any kind of shape. My greatest exercise was from the parking lot to work. If I want to hike an eleven mile, 2500+ gain hike at 14,000 feet, I better get in shape. What's the best way to get in shape for hiking? Maybe, hiking? Makes sense to me.

My first hike was short, Chantry Flats to Sturtevant Falls and back. At the end my legs were spaghetti, I could barely stand up. But I kept at it, and a few weeks later trekked up Mount Wilson from Chantry. Again it turned my legs to rubber, but there's no stopping now!

For the past year, I've been hiking more and more, all in preparation for White Mountain. Yesterday, Sep 1, I did it. Made it to the top, a goal achieved.

I posted a full writeup, with many pictures, here.

See you on the trail! I still want to hike Iron Mountain sometime.

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