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White Christmas

Actually day after..... Drove up on Monday to get some hill walking done, originally went to Icehouse but the parking area was pretty much frozen over and since I don't have 4WD I didn't want to park there. I did watch a guy putting chains on the rear tires of a Nissan Sentra, got to mention to him that they should go on the front wheels of his car.
The road to Cow Canyon Saddle was clear so that was my parking spot to head up toward Sunset Peak. The fire road had a nice blanket of snow the entire way. I had brought my crampons but it seemed this was one of those rare times we get that snowshoes would be a good choice - I kept sinking in about two or three inches which made for a tiring walk. Anyway, since I had the traction I put them on when I intersected the ridge route and went up the steep part of the hillside. Traction helps a lot with confidence on some sections, but as I told my sister afterward confidence and stupid live next door to each other. Only two people were at the summit when I got there and they left shortly, leaving me with solitude to enjoy my hot chocolate and Snickers break. After that I walked a little ways over toward the radio towers but it was fresh untrampled snow and slow going in the morning sun. With people coming over to visit later I had to turn around and head back down, where I ran into just a few more people.

Another great day in the SG mountains.

Pictures because I know people like to sit around at work and think about being somewhere else.

I could hear snowmelt coming off all the trees around me, sounded like rain.

Northwest view toward Baden-Powell, it's been a long time since that much white stuff was on the ground.

Almost at the fire road junction.

Baldy et al from the road where the ridge route crosses.

I'm not the first person to go up this track but put on crampons anyway.

This rock section was tricky, not able to see exactly where to put the feet. I know in dry conditions go around the right side.

Saw lots of little icicles here and in the bushes that were partly shaded.

Sitting at the summit. Had my Jetboil too so I fixed up some hot chocolate.

First footprints on this section.

Baldy Road looked this crowded all the way down to Padua. Crazy.
Uncle Rico

That looks like a nice outing. This is a great shot:

This one not so much:


White Christmas

SWEET! I have been contemplating hiking up to Sunset Peak and wondering if it was possible that there would be snow. This is one of my favorite peaks.  I have always hiked this peak in the summer and fall.  OMG! I am very excited to see snow. I usually take the ridge route as you did and hike down the road
Awesome snow pictures!
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