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where is the terrorist Gadahn?

In the OC!!!  I swear that he was the hairy bearded dude in the vintage MBZ that cut me off this AM whilst I was trying to merge onto the 405 Northbound at Alicia Pkwy.  I kept staring in my rear view at him and some older, hairy bearded dude. (no offense, Taco - but there aren't too many red-bearded muslim terrorists anyhow  Confused )

Anyhow I got a good look at him and from the photos in the paper, I'm pretty sure it's him. Nobody believes me!

More clowns that will get slotted without notice.

Carry on.

Gadahn's father is Phil Gadahn, who changed his name from Pearlman to Gadahn, reportedly as a biblical reference. Adam Gadahn was the oldest of Phil and Jennifer Gadahn's four children and they were home-schooled at their rustic shack near the small town of Winchester in Riverside County.

Gadahn's family have rarely commented on his actions. Dr. Carl Pearlman, Gadahn's paternal grandfather, moved his family to Orange County in the 1940s and was a respected urologist. Pearlman was on the board of the Anti-Defamation League.

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