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Eric Su

Whats the fastest C2C?

Im wondering whats the fastest time ever done for an ascent of the FULL C2C (from the museum to the peak). There have been some rumors that people have done the portion from the museum to the tram in less than 3 hrs.

Dunno, but you might pose that question here:  Mt. San Jacinto Outdoor Recreation forum.  C2C or at least Skyline figures prominently in their discussions.

Cy Kaicener

Whats the fastest c2c

I read of a guy called Jeff doing c2c2c in 11.14 and another in 10.33

I heard of someone doing Skyline in 2 hours 31 minutes

Here is a great video of c2c

Definitely less than 4.5 hrs, quite likely less than 4. Doing 3 hrs to tram is pretty good, but based on my pr's I'm sure someone has done 2:30 or less. Forum Index -> Other SoCal Ranges
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