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Uncle Rico

What to do with Empty Coleman Propane Canisters

I've got several empty Coleman propane canisters that I've used with my car camping stove. What are my options for getting rid of them other than sending them to the landfill? I think Coleman had a recycling program a few years back, but that was discontinued if I'm not mistaken. I realize the answer going forward is to simply not use these non-refillable canisters, but that doesn't address my current conundrum. Anyone?


   Compressed gas cylinders. Includes propane tanks used for BBQ or plumbing."

LA City has centers you can take these items if you are a resident, umm current DWP bill is required?

Don't know about other cities/localites has a recycling center finder
Uncle Rico

Thanks matt. Earth911 is the ticket.

I guess next time I should try using that new-fangled tool the youngsters  call "Google" before posting.  Embarassed


They are refillable off a regular gas bbq tank. It takes an adapter that costs under $10 and you put the empty tanks in the freezer for an hour before refilling them. Makes the cost of gas for stoves and lanterns a LOT lower. If in doubt, check youtube Forum Index -> Gear & Fitness
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