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what's this from?

i came across this in the southeastern los padres on the alder creek trail, specifically in an area called stone corral.

elevation 3647'

check google earth use dec deg:

34.568809, -118.913614

for approx location.

i do not recall ever seeing something like this before.

? ?



Horse poop?

Definately looks like horse poop, aka 'road apples'.

horse - that's what i thought initially too.

but we're three + miles from the trailhead and -0- else like it before or after.

i should have shown perspective.  this dung is small.

It certainly is some domestic stock animal

I know of 3 common alternatives

  1. Mule
  2. Llama
  3. Goat

Of the 3 the only one that would fit would be Mule. I cant ever remember seeing a Donkey but if people are using Goats and Llamas why not Donkeys

Pack goats
Packing with Llamas
Hiking with donkey

I think David Duchovny is filming a sequel to Goats in that area. Forum Index -> Flora & Fauna & Fungi
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