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what happened to R J Secor ???

I heard last he was in hospital and I was wondering if any
one has seen him on Baldy since his 2005 accident?

I understand that his 2005 accident occurred when Secor was practicing glissading in the Baldy Bowl and went out of control.  I believe Secor sustained some pretty serious head injuries.  I've heard over time that he's recovered some, but I haven't heard anything in the last couple of years.  Is this what you're referring to or is there something newer?


Secor's incident happened April 2005 and this update was published in early 2006:

It's amazing that he recovered that fast, although I'm not sure if he's fully the same anymore (that being all the climbing he use to do). I was there that day when it happened but didn't see it happen. I reached the top just as he was about to leave to go back down the center.

If you're at the Ski Hut and run across a hut host named Tracy, she might be able to fill you in on how he's doing today. She knows him pretty well, I believe.

wow, I didn't know Dr. Evil was into mountaineering

mountaineering without a helmet???


I don't care who you are them rocks are hard

Zé wrote:
wow, I didn't know Dr. Evil was into mountaineering
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