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I'm fooling around with site features, and while I can't get a non-freeforumnetetc URL just yet, I can make this into a website as well.

If you want to view this as your index, bookmark the link above. There is a link on the right that takes you to the forum.

More will go up as I add links and smooth it all out.

Looks like you're off to a good start.

How is this going to be different, better or worse than the forum?

Not sure, so I will guess

If we are already signed up on this board will we automatically get moved over to the new board?

If not, sign me up, please.

Same email address, password, Avatar, user ID and contact information.

Thanks for all you do Taco - Nice work. Very Happy

It's the same as what we have now. I've merely attached some pages to this site to make it cool and high speed low drag and whatnot.

I'll probably buy a good URL for us soon, but the database will basically be the same, so the move, backup/archives etc will all be very easy and fluid. Forum Index -> Admin & Tech Support
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