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We Be In Clear Creek Narrows, Yo

Willie and I went on a covert mission late yesterday into a wild section of Clear Creek.

We be parkin'.

We be sneakin'.

We be steppin' down.

We be celebratin'

We be scramblin'.

We be not usin' aids fixed by prior canyon lovers.

We be admirin'.

We be avoidin' pools.

And we be not avoidin' pools.

We be, like, takin' pics of our surroundin's and shit.

We be puttin' one leg here 'n' one leg there, tryin' not to fall and break one uh dem legs.

We be like, "Woa! How's we gonna be gettin' on top uh DAT?"
Uncle Rico

That be lookin' like some fun, yo.  Cool Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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