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Water at Cedar Glen and 3rd Stream Crossing?

Planning on being at Cedar Glen mid May.  Does anyone know if there is water flowing?  I'm a little worried with such a dry winter.  Spending the 2nd night at 3rd Stream Crossing.  I assume there is water there but a confirmation would be much appreciated.

JeffH's report from last month, Cedar Glen

Pat,  Thanks for the post.  Cedar Glen not looking good.  Only there for 1 night.  Hopefully Lylte Creek is flowing.  I'll post an update after our trek.

any update on Third Stream or Cedar Glen?

we went up there on May 15th, the day of the storm.there was one to two inches of snow at Cedar Glen. The water situation was similar to the other report. A couple puddles worked. we were going to make it to Lytle Creek but when we hit almost a foot of snow at the saddle our boots were so soggy we changed our mind and came home. No report about Lytle Creek.  I heard there's water always there though.

Cedar Glen still has water.  Not much but about the same as 2 months prior.  Comanchee seemed dry but plenty of water at third stream.  I saw the waterfall this time too.

Nice.  Thanks for the report, Mark.

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