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Water along the Silver Moccasin Trail

Hi all,

I'm looking over maps for a planned hike over thanksgiving from Chilao down to Chantry flats along the Silver Moccasin trail. I'm not able to find any information regarding water availability however. I see the trail crosses, and follows, multiple creek beds. Can anyone comment on whether or not I can expect to find water in them at this time of year?

Many thanks,


You should have streamflow at Upper Big Tujunga near Shortcut Station and fer sure along the West fork, but I wouldn't count on it at Charlton Flat.


Great, thanks for the quick response! This sounds good...


Water along the Silver Mocassin

Hi gang!
I need to find water sources along the Silver Moccassin. If you have any info along the route or any of the areas below, that would be awesome!!

Little Jimmy
Cedar Springs
Cooper Canyon
Cloudburst Canyon
Buckhorn Flat
Camp Glenwood
Horse Flats
Charlton Flat

Also, if anyone knows of somebody that might take three hikers up to Crystal Lake from Azusa, like somebody that works or lives up there, that would make logistics much simpler.

Ask here:

This dude just hiked the whole thing.


thank you Dima. That was exactly what I needed! Forum Index -> News & Conditions
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