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Vincent Gap to Vincent Gulch + Plane Crash Site + Water

Hiked down to the old plane crash site in Vincent Gulch last week. Quite the upside-down hike, and making it back before dark is a little bit of a challenge. Trail is in decent shape, although there is a few points where it makes more sense to just walk through the dry creekbed in Vincent's Gulch (only 1-2 small stagnant pools of water) than traverse the narrow trail.

Someone has tied little pink ribbons along the trail. This actually turned out to be helpful, as our hiking book at incorrect mileage for the trip and we were a little concerned that we missed one of the points.

Made it to the plane, then to the Prarie Fork intersection. The view looking up to Big Horn Mine from Prarie Fork is quite nice. There is a a steady stream of water of in Prarie Fork at the time of the hike.

Here's a video from the hike:
Uncle Rico

Nice vid. Looks beautiful down there with the fall foliage. What was your round-trip mileage for the day?

Hmm...looks like its changed from plane crash site to illegal campfire site made partially out of airplane aluminum.

Round trip mileage was roughly 10 miles. Signage at top said 4.5 miles one way, and we meandered a bit.

Yeah, the plane appears to have been....pushed around quite a bit Sad Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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