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Video Game Idea

Disclaimer: This may already exist, I've spent exactly 0.0 milliseconds researching the topic.

My lunchtime hiking buddy and I thought that the noble defense of our beloved San Gabriel Mountains against fires would make a great, and instructional video game. Some of our thoughts:

Behaviour of the fire relative to local fuel, terrain, climatic conditions, local and self-generated weather.

Realistic characterization of the range and its topology.

Specific difficulties, problem vegetation (do you lose a point, or get a bonus for yucca-stabs?).

Interaction with the forest critters (bears, snakes venomous and not, deer, mountain lions)

Interaction with human inhabitants (recalcitrant hikers Mad , hunters, dredgers, panners, campers, cabin dwellers)

Interaction with fire crews / Hot Shots from other jurisdictions (think Star Wars Cantina scene)

Aircraft, aircraft, aircraft (fixed and rotary wing)

The obligatory press conferences and incident reports (use local on-air talent for "authenticity")

I haven't the time or resources to pursue this and I imagine it might sell a whopping three or four copies due to the constructive and specialized nature of the topic.

Food for thought...

NEW Category: Illicite Activites:
Finding booby trapped pot farm: loose points for getting injured, bonus points for getting out with some significant stash!  Very Happy

Finding unstable meth lab residue - No loss or gain of points for getting out, loss of points if you get injured; if you die from explosion or exposure to chemicals, you loose the game.  Sad

Finding remains of missing person - bonus points.  If its a known felon killed in a mob or gang hit, no extra points (just get out of the area!).  Shocked

Obligatory Press Conferences category:
Place pre-press conference bets on how often TV reporters will ask about when and how long DC-10 or 747 'supertankers' will be used.  Winner closest to total takes other persons betted points.      Rolling Eyes

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