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Use a leash please [Update: The official asshat thread]

Use a leash. Asshats.
Game officials put down pregnant doe injured by unleashed dog in Millard Canyon

by TImothy Rutt

Fish and Game officers put down a pregnant deer Tuesday at Millard Canyon after she was severely injured by a hiker's unleashed dog.

Millard Canyon caretaker Lonnie Fehr told Altadenablog that the deer was bitten on the neck and suffered at least one broken leg.  

Fehr contacted Bonny Schumaker, a Millard Canyon resident whose nonprofit On Wings of Care rescues animals around the country. Schumaker said that she contacted a wildlife veterinarian to look at the animal, but Fish and Game officials arrived first and shot the deer to end its agony.

Schumaker said that the hiker, who is a regular in the area, has frequently brought her dogs to run in the area and they are known to chase wildlife.

Dogs in Forest Service areas are required to be on a leash.
Mike P

Hikeup, don't get me started on irresponsible people!

More stuff.
The only consolation is that the two large dogs had chased the deer through a dense patch of poison oak, then returned to their owners.

"The woman who owned the dog that mauled that poor pregnant deer is a very nice elder lady who has been in denial about what her dogs do off-leash."

Well, she better have just finished putting some apple pies on the window sill to cool, started knitting her grandson a sweater for Christmas, or anything else that a sweet, lovely grandma-type might do that eliciates sympathy....

.... cause I need some serious reasons to feel something nice/forgiving about this old bat that lets her dogs run 'free'..... Evil or Very Mad Rolling Eyes

Maybe she needs a framed-photo-reminder of the dead deer sitting next to her pitcher of lemonade or one in her curio, perhaps...

Unflunking believable.... how people can be so stupid ----- and/or selfish ---- to just let their dogs go unleashed,,,, even  'a very nice elderly lady' doesn't get a pass on this shIt...

I totally agree with the sentiments expressed above, but really; "pregnant"? in July?
Someone is going out of their way to stir things up.

Asshat dog owners aren't limited to the USA.  This happened June 30 during the second stage of the 2013 Tour de France:

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