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Travis Leaving California

Travis, former moderator of this site, is leaving Calfornia for a new job in Washington state.  I have hiked alot with Travis and Tom Becht in the past couple of years.  Both Tom and I hate to see him go, but opportunity knocks.  Today, Tom and I did a farewell hike with Travis.  We did Strawberry peak from the west, Mt. Lawlor and Barley Flats.  Beautiful weather for a send off hike.

I'm sure Travis will be logging on to the site a time or two more so post him a farewell.

Goodbye Travis

Many thanks to Travis for this board.  Best Wishes for the future!

Dang!  But at least he's going off to a nice place.  

Travis -- this is a great board you guys started.  Good luck to you in the future!

I was wondering why we haven't heard from him in awhile. Good luck with your new job, Travis!

Also, many thanks for the GPS site!

I didn't know him, I didn't know anybody. Must have been a cool dude since everyone doesn't want him to go.

Travis: many thanks for the work put into making this message board happen.

When ever you get back down this way make sure to save some time for a group hike up Baldy or something.

Lots of peaks to bag in Washington. Good Luck!

Have a great time in Washington Travis - you're so lucky to be moving to such a beautiful area of the country - gotta love those Cascades.

Thanks for everything here Travis....I enjoyed your TRs and thanks for the work done in the forest as well....Washington snags one, those bastards! Smile


Travis, we'll miss you.
Mike P

Travis, thanks for putting up with my early questions!

Good luck in WA!

Thanks for the forum, Travis.  We are grateful.

Best wishes in your new pursuits.
Enjoy your Gortex!
Twisted Evil

Hey, Travis, ditto on many of the others' comments.  Thanks for the info, the tips, and for this forum. Forum Index -> Admin & Tech Support
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