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Trail Sign Graveyard

I'm kind of bored today, so here is a thread devoted to the memory of trail signs that no longer exist.

I had the pleasure of meeting this sign on January 20, 2012. Somewhat damaged, it still stood tall at the top of the Hawkins Ridge Trail. I had come from Mt. Islip and Windy Gap, and the mileage information for PCT destinations proved interesting. Unfortunately, my destination was South Hawkins, for which the sign was utterly useless.

I have not seen this sign since and presume it to be dead.

I thought about this thread while I was out walking today. Here are a few posts that I saw, signs are of course missing.

This is about halfway up to the ski hut. The sign once was a reminder not to cut switchbacks.

This had a sign saying Baldy Bowl Trail. The post also had a bottle opener attached.

Not very old - this is at the ridge above the rock garden part of the Baldy Bowl trail.
The sign helpfully pointed the way to the trail, rather than having people walk along the ridge.

This is near the Baldy summit. I never saw a sign but I guess it used to mention that it was on the Bear Flat trail.

And this poor remnant had a sign pointing out the beginning of the Devil's Backbone.

The sign at the cutoff up to the register is now gone, although a post is higher on the slope than I remember. Looks like someone just cut the posts rather than unbolting the sign boards.
Mike P

What a shame...

This kinda stuff puzzles me...

So there is someone out there that is into hiking and the beauty of nature enough to go/be where these signs are posted...... yet dirty-minded and cold-hearted enough to steal the signs ?  

I always thought good minded/hearted people were the people hiking the mountains when it came to those locations...

Sure hope they are only taking the signs down so they can take them home, put some weather sealant stain on them and reattach them when 'winter' is over...

Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes  Crying or Very sad



I hiked up the Ski Hut trail the other week (first time in a really long time) and noticed the same thing about the signs. Every sign has been cut off, not just unbolted. The cut looks pretty clean, almost as if it was done with a power tool. At first I thought whoever did this just wanted to get rid of that sign at the beginning (there use to be no sign there), but they did to the other signs.

Tim wrote:
I hiked up the Ski Hut trail the other week (first time in a really long time) ...

What the hell TR!?!?!? This kind of behavior will get you banned  Wink

HikeUp wrote:
What the hell TR!?!?!? This kind of behavior will get you banned  Wink

Still working on the TR graphics. Going high tech this time with 3D motion graphics! Smile

LOL. Excellent. Forum Index -> General Discussion
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