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Tour Divide 2011: Kurt Refsnider's bike and gear

Nice light (20#) bike makes for a pretty tight rig - 33# all-up is a sweet number for that long a haul.

Stylin' Old School

A few hours mountain climbing turns a rogue and a saint into two roughly equal creatures. Weariness is the shortest path to equality and fraternity—and liberty is finally added by sleep. —Nietzsche

This is really cool. Thanks for posting this. I've been dreaming of that race lately. Laughing

Yea, same here.  You can throw 'epic ride' around on this one.  Lifetime of memories  to be had.

Tell me about it. A whole lotta suck. Smile I bet it's nice and quiet though.

I can't wait for the film to come out.

Refsnider moved into 1st sometime last nite/this a.m.

Race is kinda hard to handicap with all the snow this year and some riders opting for the south-north route.  The leaders in that group have done more miles but, they're heading into the Rockies.

Digging this SPOT tracker app.

George Vargas is using one for this crazy ride he's doing 21 June/Tuesday.  The WHOLE Everest Challenge sufferfest in one day.  Sierras at their best:  206 miles and 29,035' climbing.  Only George would come up with something like this.

(Secret stuff:  George is using this for a training ride for the Furnace Creek 508 double he's training for.  That would be 1,016 miles nonstop out/back through Death Valley in September.  Gads....)

George's blog:

That is a shitload of mileage.

Really big efforts from the top three guys.  Beast of a race but, hell, when you're young and strong - why not?   2700 miles in 16 days...unsupported.

Jeebus, that's nuts. Forum Index -> Gear & Fitness
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