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norma r

Too Much Fun... Whitney MR & San G

i am so far behind in uploading my pix cuz, i must admit, i am having too much fun!  Ontario via FRC on 3/30, Whitney's Mountaineer's Route April 1-4, San Gorgonio via the South fork on 4/8i plus local Ventura County hikes.  I'm not gloating, but doing my first snow camp on Whitney was pretty cool, correction, pretty COLD! and i thought you might like to see the conditions on San G's north side.  Perfect!  Hope everyone has enjoyed some great hiking/climbing the last few weeks too!

Here are 2 TR's...

I did a joint SMI/IMG guided climb of the Mountaineer's Route on Mount Whitney April 1-4, 2010. It was a 4-day snow camp with storms for 3 of the days. We had sub-zero temps at night and freezing temps during the day on Friday-Sunday morn. Never having snow camped before it was baptism by fire! Warm & cozy now i can look back and say i had a good time. It was a great experience with exceptional guides and wonderful camp mates.

me topping out on the Final 400

pix are here:

4.8.10  Jim (Calicokat), Phil (lik2hik) and I did a day hike up the South Fork trailhead to Mount San Gorgonio. It was a first time to summit from this direction for all three of us and we got to do it in snow! Yippee! We were conservative and chose to ascend a north ridge to the summit though we did glissade down a north chute. Damn, that was fast snow! Jepson's north chutes are calling me and i have to go back and start climbing those. What beautiful north face Jepson has. It was a perfect day in the San G wilderness. Great partners, excellent weather and great snow. We did not see another soul all day until we got back to the parking lot. We were truly in the wilderness!

Perfect weather at 11,500 on San G.

pix are here:
Sam Page

Nice pictures, Norma.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that the north side of Yucaipa Ridge is still plastered in snow.  I also liked all those shots of the north side of Jepson Peak.  Thanks for posting!

Now sleep in a cave.

Also, don't bring a sleeping bag.


Good shit!

Thanks for this post! I'm convinced now that I want to go back soon since it still looks beautiful up there (particularly Jepson). Congrats also on Whitney... I looked at all of your pictures from the trip and it looked like a great experience. When you get weather like that, it just makes the trip a little more special, I think; we have great weather all the time.

Great TR, and photos!
I gotta do that!  Cool

Thanks for posting the T/R. It certainly was perfect weather and great snow! I really enjoyed sharing the trail with you and Jim.
I would post pictures, but it seems I left the camera memory card at home. But then your pictures are always way better anyway!
Good times!!


Have to say I really admire you for doing that Whitney trip in such horribly cold weather.... And shorts/short sleeves on Gorgonio this time of year, amazing.

You're sure putting some miles on those boots!  

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