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Timber Mtn

First, this is a fantastic time to be up in the mountains!
Did a relatively quick jaunt up Timber yesterday (Friday). I got to the trailhead around 11, back to the truck at 3:45. I spent about 45 minutes on my break at the saddle, talking to a couple others that were on the trail.
Looks like snow is still hanging around on the north side of the peaks but it seemed like slush so it won't be around long.

Heading uphill, just past the two-mile marker.

My only snow crossing on the trail. I did walk a few yards off trail at Timber.

Surprisingly uncrowded saddle.

First pano I've ever taken with the iPhone. This from the trail up towards Timber.

Some other animal was here before me.

Hero shot. This unemployment is good for my psyche, time to get out when it's not crowded! Not as good for my wallet.

Contrast. Brown in the sun, white in the shade.

Was the wilderness permit still stuck to the yucca plant? I wonder how many people walked by and ignored it.

Neat iPhone Panorama. Though it looks like the seams are visible.

I didn't see a permit. And I didn't get one for myself , Bad Jeff.

Nice pics. Hiked to Timber on Saturday  4/9 in the rain, hail and little bit of snow. Excellent day out. Not crowded at all for a Saturday, rain kept all but the die hards away. And I came across the obligatory group of young people in shorts and hoodies in the rain, getting drenched and frozen. Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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