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Mike P

This Year's Fawn Crop

Twins have been hanging around lately:



Sweet! That's a treat to see twins.

"HEYyyy, Mr.Bear!! whaddya doin' in there with your big fat tub in the tub! I drink outta that!!"

thanks for the pics, always enjoyable

Hope the drought impact won't push the fanged ones into Mike's waterhole=Deli mode.
well, it's nature

kind regards,
Mike P

Thanks, arocknoid! I'll put up a few more pictures when I get the chance.

To be clear, I'm not keen on having the tub there to "attract" animals. The water tub is there to keep them away from the house. The animals were chewing through sprinkler heads, pool covers, and hoses as well as breaking birdbaths, etc. to get to water. Now, the critters are away from the house and, hopefully, not quite as likely to get hurt (such as foreign body ingestion or drowning under the pool cover).

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