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Third Stream Falls (Middle Fork Lytle Creek)

Cecelia and I hit up the Middle Fork Trail in Lytle Creek on Sunday during the rain. Mostly light rain, some heavy at times. The first part of the trail was alive with common SGM flowers. But we did find something that is apparently rare, a type of Cancer Root.

On the way upstream we took the low trail through the Stonehouse Camp area. This route was a little obscure and overgrown, but the trail is discernable if paying attention. It's worth doing this section, if only to see the first and second stream crossings before reaching Third Stream Crossing camp.

After going through Stonehouse the trail regrouped with the high/main trail.

After the Third Stream Crossing, instead of continuing upward on the main trail's switchbacks, we followed a use trail downstream, along the south bank. Not far down, an obvious tributary with high, rocky walls came in from the right. We entered this narrow canyon and scrambled up about a quarter-mile or so to the peaceful sanctuary of a hundred-foot, multi-tiered waterfall, locally known as Third Stream Falls.


Thank you for the gorgeous photos and trip report Cucamonga Man   Smile I've never been on the trail to 3rd stream crossing -- need to remedy that after seeing your post. Very lush -- visions of Lord of Rings.

Miles of smiles,

What a cool waterfall. I had no idea it was even up there. Thanks for sharing.

Add me to the list of people that want to go there now too.
Despite the rain it looks like a good day to be out. Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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