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The New MSR MicroRocket -- Trail Report #1

In a couple of days, MSR is set to release their new MicroRocket stove.  
The MicroRocket will be MSR's first entry into the lightweight, high-end gas stove market.  (The existing PocketRocket is more of an entry level stove).

Yesterday, I took the stove out on the trail for the first time.

Please join me on an another Adventure in Stoving:   The New MSR MicroRocket -- Trail Report #1


Nice write up Jim. Mine's bigger than yours  Laughing

How do you think this stove would do with a bigger bottom pot like a kettle?
the flame is more straight up right? I was looking at the pocket rocket just to have something other than the alcohol stove when I might have more than me to cook for. I would get this based on your write up if you think its good with the kettle.


I took the MR out today for a spin.  I went to Mt. Waterman and did some snow melting with a 1000ml Snow Peak pot.  Not a huge pot by any stretch of the imagination, but far larger diameter than the 550ml or 850ml pots I used Saturday.

The MR did great melting snow on a 1000ml pot.

Now, if I were making eggs, would the very edges get cooked evenly if I were using a wide frying pan?  Not sure.  The flame is narrow.

But for snow melting or water boiling, it's fine.  The water itself will conduct the heat well enough.

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