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the mystery objects of el prieto

Back before the Station Fire, I spotted an intact wooden structure above Brown Mtn. Road. It looked like an elevated wooden platform rising from the chaparral high up on the slope.

I finally made it up there a few months back to check out what was left of it. Some concrete footings with no markings and a few burnt timbers.

Did anybody ever visit this spot before the fire? What do you think it was?




You can also see similar footings on the next ridge below:


Some kind of power lines?



I have never been there, but could it be an observation tower?

Give us coordinates. Might show up on old satellite images.

Okay, here's a try. 34 13'20.07, 118 09'18.29

You can see the footings in a Google Earth image from just after the fire.

The other imagery they have is pretty vague except for one image from 2007 where you can sort of spot a grayish rectangle in the vicinity.

Even in person it was hard to spot except from certain angles at a certain time of day when the light was just right.

I had originally thought that it was an old power line, but where from and where to? Was there ever a cabin up in that part of El Prieto? Somebody went to the effort of putting it up there, but what for? The lost Brown Mountain salt tramway? Forum Index -> General Discussion
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