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The Cliff Trail ~ San Gabriel Peak

As I've often pined and whined about seeing more old-time photos of the Cliff Trail [south face San Gabriel Peak, 'replaced' by the Mueller Tunnel] --- and encouraged by Uncle Rio's recent TR of the area --- I just had to see if I could refind the CT photo that I once saw in John Robinson's book, The San Gabriels

I sure didn't remember the Cliff Trail photo reavealing what a freeway this section of the trail was back then - I thought the whole section was a tight rope.  I'm guessing the end sections were the tough parts, like you can see in Uncle Rio's recent pics.

Anyways, I love 'before/now' photos and these two angles were pretty darn close - good 1 Uncle Rio!!

As big of a heal as I am for lifting this out of Robinson's book, I even flunked up and cut off the caption/credit below the photo, which reads:

"The famous Cliff Trail crossing the south face of San Gabriel Peak above the head of Eaton Canyon, circa 1925.  This was the main route between Mount Wilson and Mount Lowe Tavern.  The Mueller Tunnel was blasted through this face in 1942.  Portions of the old Cliff Trail can still be seen outside the tunnel." - Edgar Cook

Interesting point about it being the main route b/t Wilson and Lowe's Tavern.  Seems like there'd be at least a few CT snap shots with that amount of foot traffic - it's just a matter finding them  Razz
Uncle Rico

Very cool comparison outwhere. It's hard to imagine that trail as the major route between Mt. Wilson and the Mt. Lowe Tavern. Even when it was maintained as in the pic from Robinson's book, it's still pretty exposed. But as I've openly surmised before, folks back then must of been sturdy creatures to pull off some of the stuff they did (especially when you consider the clothes they wore and the heavy gear they carried).

My guess is you're right about the end sections. I scaled the east end of where the trail used to be to get a better look and it was pretty sketch.

Cool stuff.

great before and after photos, thanks for putting them together

Awesome comparison!!!  Every time I've been there, I look at that trail remnant and wonder...... Forum Index -> General Discussion
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