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The Caldera Cone's 12-10 Burner

Yes, it's that time of day that "everybody" lives for.  Wink  One of Hikin' Jim's stove posts.  I hope they at least can serve as a reference if you ever need them.  I know not everyone reads my every word.   Rolling Eyes

That said, without further ado, today's post:

The Caldera Cone's 12-10 burner has an interesting and unusual design. While the 12-10 has holes in the side of the body of the burner, it is not a side jet stove, at least not in the conventional sense. With a typical side jet burner, the flames burn out from the jets.

With a 12-10 burner, the flames from the "jets" basically burn in to the burner. If you look closely, you can see the jets burning within.

Join me on my blog today, as I take a quick look at the Caldera Cone's 12-10 burner.

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