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The Battle of Little Bighorns

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Numbskulls start young banging heads

As always, bear in mind that there are no BIGhorns to be seen hereabouts... move along...

These could be anywhere.

I've posted pics of these two in their younger days. Now see what they're up to?

Uh-oh, here comes trouble. The blur on the right is the tree behind which I am taking pics.

Rest break between rounds, chewing his cud:

Disobeying the Prime Directive, I make a noise like an acorn to stimulate more photogenic variety of expression. .:

Diogenes: "please stand clear of my light.":

I'm ready! How's the light?

Good grief, I might as well kick it and enjoy my cud if I am to be kept waiting. "Where's Craft Services NOW?"

For a truly comfortable pause, I must prepare the site with my paws. (Note the padded hoofs, for traction on slickery rock)

Call me when you're ready for Action. (Hey human, wouldja bring us some fiddleback fern heads?)

OK, break's over. You ready for the next round? Bring It ON!

"I'll fake like I'm just nibbling a bit o' grass, then...Whammo!"

TKZ, E. Bravo--Twister coming!

Check out the horn shadow:

Are we done yet? Is there any willow bark nearby to chew?

Cut...Wrap...Wrap, people...Chili...

kind regards,

Little BigHorns

Fantastic pictures!  Thanks for posting.

By the way, a small bit of work in Photoshop or Lightroom will recover those dark shadows.

Mike P

A couple of ewes having fun! Thanks! Forum Index -> Flora & Fauna & Fungi
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