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David R

The Baldy Zoo

I went to Baldy today, up Register Ridge and surprisingly only saw one other person which made it a peaceful hike. I reached the top of Harwood and met a nice gent and his son and we talked hiking for fifteen minutes. I reached the top of Baldy and there was a line of people waiting to take a selfie with a guy wearing a T Rex costume. I don't know what is going on up there but it is wack squared to the nth degree.

I was under the impression that...

Guess I was wrong.

Could be BAPE.
Its a high-end($$$$)modern hiker clothier.

Or maybe another "Gorpcore" fashion statement, which has taken off since last winter.

Gorp clothing is now normal according to this article.
"...... “If you live somewhere like New York and like the idea of camping but only get to do it twice a year, wearing these clothes is a way of planting the flag that you’re into it even though you never get to do it.” Gorpcore, then, tags its wearer as seriously outdoorsy, the way that Timberland boots suggest a certain urban toughness or a Barbour jacket says, “I shoot pheasants for fun.”

Of course, there may be one other reason these clothes fit our current cultural mood. It’s an overreaching journalistic impulse to attribute every micro-phenomenon to post-election malaise, but the rise of gorpcore — which exalts activities that, in their environmental consciousness, have always been considered hippie-dippie or tree-hugging — is a political act. “It’s crunchy,” says Schlossman. “And in this political climate, these brands we’re talking about stand for good. I’ve not necessarily been someone to vote with his dollar, but it’s the perfect marriage of ideas.” Mother Nature has been how liberals — one famously — have been licking their wounds, and celebrating it is a rebuke of the president’s planned $1.5 billion cut from the Interior Department’s budget. To wear Patagonia is to stand in solidarity with the brand’s environmental advocacy....."

moral idiocy

AW wrote:
Gorp clothing is now normal according to this article.

Were you looking at the stud with the red bum bag?

Look again...

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