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Telegraph Peak photosphere

The high pressure system created blazing heat over the weekend and some of the clearest views I've seen. My wife and I hiked to Telegraph from Icehouse Canyon. I think most readers here know what the 3Ts trail looks like, so I only linked to the photosphere from the summit. Telegraph probably has probably the best 360 view in the range.


It's a view you can never get tired of.  I love the 360 degrees.
David R

I hiked Baldy from the Village on Sunday and it was baking at 7:30. On the way down through the switchbacks you could feel the heat coming off the ground. A lot of whacky people out that day. I saw one idiot ride his bike down the trail which is probably illegal. He was coming down as slow as I hiked and he fell at least once. I saw another guy with just shorts and a small water bottle stuffed in his crotch going up as I came down. I saw another person with their entire exposed body caked with sunscreen, he looked like a ghost. Bizarro stuff, watch your kids.

That is a cool app!
I like the view from up there too, feels like you can see just about forever. Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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