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Telegraph in the snow

We just had some storms roll through, so the San Gabriels have snow in them. On Sunday we decided to see for ourselves, and started the morning by walking up Icehouse creek. There was a bit of patchy snow here. Turning off onto the Chapman trail, the patches grew larger and larger. At Cedar Glen camp, we finally put on the crampons and started climbing up the nameless gully south of Cedar canyon:

Soon Telegraph and Thunder came into view:

Eventually we climbed up some minor gully up to the ridge above Cedar Canyon:

It's nice up here!

Climbing up at this point we eventually topped out near the south peak of Telegraph

There're some pretty cool snow structures up here

We then took a long, hard look at the terrain remaining between us and the main summit of Telegraph

and after a final push, we were on top:

Unlike Baldy last week there was no significant ice or hard snow anywhere, and we were postholing pretty much the entire time. The terrain consisted of snow that was either soft or in the process of melting. The whole day was fairly warm, so the melting is going to continue. The snow and ice sitting up in the trees would fall throughout the day. In places where the snow underneath was slushy and sticky these falling bits would roll down the hill, picking up more snow, and creating cool tracks:

The SE ridge of Telegraph in particular was full of these.

It got late, and we walked the last mile or two in the dark. This was just as well, since it made us miss the madhouse that the canyon must have been during the day.

Really like the pictures. Looks like a great day out there and that route avoided all the crowds.
Uncle Rico

Wow, awesome dima. Great pics.

Everything up there looks beautiful! Thanks for the report.

Very cool! Great shots!

Thanks for the report and pics. Did you go to the south summit or skip it? I'm curious if there is still a register there.

Sean wrote:
Thanks for the report and pics. Did you go to the south summit or skip it? I'm curious if there is still a register there.

He lives! We topped out on the summit ridge near the South summit. But everything was covered in snow, and if there was a register, it was buried and we didn't even bother to look for it. Same with the main peak. Forum Index -> San Gabriels
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