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Technical Daypacks

I have been looking into getting a technical daypack that I can use for mountaineering year round and also for snow and ice trips in the winter. I would like something that is ~30 - 40 liters in size and something that I can carry my Atlas 1235 snowshoes. Does anybody on this forum have a favorite technical daypack that might be able to work for me? I welcome any suggestions since I have been looking into this all morning and have yet to get any closer to deciding which pack to get.

I like the Marmot Zephyr, of course it is no longer made.

I've been running into the problem that the packs that I find are no longer made. I was looking into the BD Sphinx and apparently that bag is also no longer made. I have heard the the REI Pinnacle is a pretty good bag for  these sorts of things as well and luckily that bag is still made. Forum Index -> Gear & Fitness
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