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Tanner Foust - Master Drifter


Cool to see the full version came out. Kinda has too much of the Ken Block Ghymkhana slow motion drama crap in it.

I like the simple home-grown underground Japanese style better. Smile
Ibaraki Touge in an R32

A couple of my favorites

"Smokeman" Tohru
1000ps Aristo w/2JZ T51 SPL
I want to be like this guy someday. Smile

Katsuhiro Ueo
One of the things in drifting is to get as close as possible to clipping points, and walls, and everything. If you can "kiss" the wall on a drift with your back bumper, you're doing good. Ueo gets so goddamn close to the walls in this video... so awesome. Doing that makes you feel so damn alive, much like climbing a really bad ass route.

Manji technique is basically drifting on a straight as opposed to around a corner. AKA Choku Dori (Straight Drift).

One of Ueo's cars/setups

Ueo drifting on the touge (mountain road, think of GMR):

I used to think drifting was silly awhile ago, before I got into it and started drifting. Some people still think it's silly. That's pure ignorance. Drifting is a display of pure skill and a hefty pair of brass balls for those who really do it. It is probably the most fun someone can have in a car with their clothes on or off.

Excellent post, Mike! YOu really know the way to a Man's heart! Laughing


Great videos, Ryan! Yeah, drifting is cool shit! I started watching Japanese drifting probably about 8 years ago and slowly watched as it made it's way to the United States. It took a long time for people here to understand drifting, but it is now full bore. I only wish I knew Japanese!

One of the reasons I posted the video of Tanner is because I know the guy that built the special RWD Scion. I did some 3D cad work for him.

No shit? That's sweet. I take it there ain't much Scion left in that tC? Laughing

I love watching the old videos of when drifting starting becoming "legitimate" in Japan in the 90's... everyone sucked sooo bad, but they all clapped and were polite, in the typical Japanese way.

Now... it's a whole different ballgame.

To illustrate, backwards corner entry at Nikko Circuit in an R34

I think the only thing used from the original car were the badges  Laughing

Sweet video. I like how they were looking where they were going through the SIDE window!

Hell yeah. Gotta keep that side clear. Good times.

One of the things I did to prep my beaters for mountain crap was to minimize any insulation or other materials around the windshield, because you're typically looking out your window, and it sucks staring at some damn interior bit instead of controlling your drift.

One of these days I would like to get a beater car for drifting......wwweeeeeeeeeee!  Laughing

Look familiar? It's getting a little work done  Smile


GigaMike wrote:
One of these days I would like to get a beater car for drifting......wwweeeeeeeeeee!  Laughing

Buy mine, or one similar. Old Rolla's are great for it. Cheap, my generation uses AE86 parts (except for front adj. pillowball mounts), 4AGE swaps are common, the stock 3TC can be built for a ton of power (Turbo'd to 600RWHP out of 1.8 liters).

Suggested mods
-AE86 GTS rear axle
-4AGE (16v can be Cali legal), (20v = more power, VVT in blacktop), both N/A
-Coilover setup front and rear
-Watts link or fancy Panhard bar in the back
-Tear all the dumb crap outta the car!
-N/A AW11 MR2 steering rack (quicker), don't know much about this yet.

Overall, cheap as hell. I can only drift this thing on very rainy days, or when bombing dirt roads.

Nice V8 in that Scion. I heard Camry's come with V8's... Wink

Not a mountain road, but I love the rotary...


Do you have (or did you have) a rotary powered vehicle?

No, I used to have Datsuns - a 1970 1200 coupe and a 1972 510 2-door. But I always envied the Mazdas. Now I'm looking around for an RX-2, preferably a sort of "barn find".


More specifically: http://www.japanesenostalgiccar.c...=c33e6b60df64a0e68c448b059d79e512

Very good people.

Also, good luck! I'd like an RX3 someday, but it can be hard to find clean ones, even in CA. Forum Index -> The Pub
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