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I've been to Tahquitz 3 times in the last month and each time have run into quite a bit of problems, mostly stemming from really crappy beta from the guidebook by Bob Gaines and Randy Vogel. When I was first looking to buy a guidebook for that area I was a little bit uncomfortable with how chicken-scratch the topos looked... it was the only book for the area so i didnt have much of a choice. Turns out everything from marked belays not actually being belays to ridiculously obscure route descriptions and starts... has made for some interesting climbs. Does anyone know any other books made by different authors? Does super-topo make a guidebook for the area? I've had great experiences use their books.
Dave G

Hi Zach, Vogel/Gaines is pretty much the bible for Tahquitz. I've run into the same issues you're describing with the guide. There were rumors for awhile about a 4th edition, but I haven't seen one yet. It could be worse; for entertainment value, you should pick up a copy of Chuck Wilts guide from the 1950's on Tahquitz and Suicide. Those Hardmen didn't need much in the way of beta, I guess. Cool

I'm not aware of a Supertopo guide for the area, but you could check their website.

Damn, i had a feeling. I'm pretty sure I clipped into a couple of their pitons for "mental reassurance."  Laughing Forum Index -> Other SoCal Ranges
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