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Taco Do Not Open

Edit 04/13/11 - We have reached our goal, and then some!  Thank you!  No more contributions are needed.  See the last post in the thread for more detail Smile

Hello everyone except Ryan!  Cool (He has promised in advance not to open this thread)

Zach and I are organizing a little surprise for our very own forum host, whose birthday is next weekend.  We would like to collect enough money to buy him an altimeter watch from REI.

If anyone is interested in participating, you can send money to Zach's paypal account (  There is a "send money" link on the main PayPal page that will walk you through it.  

We're suggesting $10, because we are bad at math and that will make it easy to track progress.  

This is intended as a "thank you" gesture for keeping up the forum, which obviously is great and a lot of fun.

Any extra funds we collect beyond the cost of the watch will go toward an REI gift card for Ryan.  Contributors' names will all go on the birthday card.

Obviously, there's no obligation whatsoever.  Just a fun thing to do, if you want to, and are able to.

Keep it coming! Thanks!


This forum is certainly worth 10 bucks.  Thanks for doing this this. Great idea!

usuallly I don't trust redheads. Hopefully this isn't a scam

Zach is definitely not a red head (unless he forgets sunscreen).


Just an update:  We're getting close to our goal (hoping for about $150).  

Thanks again everybody!  And I promise to keep the ginger honest!  Very Happy

Full disclosure - the gift may end up being a new dynamic rope rather than a watch.  Depends on cost, and what we think he could use more (and it's tough to ask questions to find out without ruining the surprise)

Ginger. Harrumph.
norma r

I know he would love a rope, but it's harder to get a great watch at a sale price than a rope.  so i agree with the watch and Taco can keep his eyes open for a rope.  btw ropes are "on sale" right now on

Norma: One of Ryan's friends messaged me to tell me he has the particular watch we were thinking of buying him. He suggested the rope since he's been talking about getting one for some time now. I think he also needs a harness but that can be taken care of with the gift card if there is money left over.

Keep it up people! Thanks for all your generosity.

This was a great idea and I am happy to support it.  Cool

AlanK wrote:
This was a great idea and I am happy to support it.  Cool

werd Cool

Happy Birthday Ryan, or Ibib from Nigeria who also sent a request stating this money would free his imprisoned uncle. Laughing
Johnny Bronson

Zach i sent you a message about ropes for ryan,there is a great deal on mint double/twin ropes 8.1mm 70Meter,ice climbing/canyoneering/caving etc

cool thanks!

Here's what the fruits of our little venture have produced thus far:

Mammut Tusk 9.8x 70m Dry Rope

Black Diamond Aspect Harness

The rest of the proceeds will find its way onto an REI gift card.

Wednesday is the unofficial deadline so any last minute stragglers beware.

Laughing  Laughing

This is all "faith in humanity" type heartwarming and whatnot.  You guys are cool.

Mike P


Thanks for doing this guys.

Wow, those are great gifts! This is way better than spending money on upgrading the forum, getting a domain, etc. I kinda like the ragtag nature of our little forum Smile
norma r

Very Happy  Very Happy  me like.

in the mail, Thanks!

OK guys - we are going to make today the cutoff day.  We've exceeded our goal, and managed to get the rope, harness, and a nice gift card with the rest.  I'm not sure of the etiquette here (have never done this before), so if anyone wants to know the grand total, let me know.  Otherwise, I wonder if it might be tacky to post...

Once again, huge thanks to everyone.  This is going to make Ryan very happy - not just because he's getting some sweet gear, but the show of support is great.  I don't know how much it costs to run the forum, or how much time it takes, but I know I'm too lazy and cheap to do something like it, so I appreciate it.

Nice job.  And I know we can look forward to a very fun post from Taco 'round about Sunday!

So officially - no more donations.  Zach is getting the gift card based on the total we have now.

whens he get his presents? the 14th, or saturday at his party?

everyday wrote:
whens he get his presents? the 14th, or saturday at his party?

I think Saturday. Zach has the goods.

Excellent!  I'm going to miss the party  Crying or Very sad Glad you all put this together. I know he will be feeling the love...  Razz Forum Index -> The Pub
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