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Switzer Falls Canyon Querry

Can anyone please enlighten me about the current (post deluge) Switzer Falls trail conditions, as well as those of the falls themselves?  Are there indeed falls or did they silt up even more?


Hardly any flow but the silt is gone.  Trail is fine, although we did hear a small rockslide whilst entering the canyon.  The trail repair crew must have hit it pretty hard.  Thank you!
Chicken Legs

Switzer falls and beyond to Bear Cyn

It has been years since I was in this cyn before the fire, is the trail open below the falls to Bear Cyn?  And if so is there water there?  How far in did you hike?
Sitting Bull

I was there this weekend and hiked to the falls, no further.  The trail is in great condition.  The falls are a mere trickle.  I also noticed that the  fork to Oakwilde is no longer closed off (though I didn't venture down that way).
Chicken Legs

thank you

If I remember right Little Bear Cyn stream runs down and meets the Arroyo Seco.  I am trying to determine if there is any water in the Little bear Cyn stream.

Thanks for the report, anyone else have any intel on the Little Bear Cyn water situation.  We will take a day hike up shortly to check it out, but just hoping someone had been there recently.

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