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Stuff left on Gene Marshall Piedra Blanca Trail in Sespe

went backpacking up in the sespe wilderness, Gene Marshall Piedra Blanca Trail over the weekend.  Found 2 REI tents and expensive sleeping bags just left at Happock campsite, along with wet clothes, whiskey, a hatchet and pile of fire wood.  i think whoever was up there got caught in a bad storm last weekend.  can't believe they left this stuff there.  anyone know anything?

i reported it to the ojai ranger this morning.


Very strange

why would the sleeping bag be outside of the tent? Why would neither of the tents be standing? why would anyone leave without their whiskey?

Gear sale!!!


Maybe a animal came through camp, scared the shit out of them, and they ran off.  

Or they were murdered by Charles Manson followers...

Donate the gear to the admin of this forum.. he needs a good winter sleeping-bag....he would probably also like a hatchet 'n the whiskey  Cool Forum Index -> Gear & Fitness
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